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Wellness Guide
  • Would you know the difference between reacting to anger and responding to anger? Understand how you can choose to be more responsive to your own feelings of irritation, frustration, and anger instead of reacting to them.
  • Change is a part and parcel of life. While we may want things to be stable, there are days when minor fluctuations in our routine cause us to feel distressed. Use these handy tools to help you embrace change and deal with change-based stress.
  • Do you notice how you may be engaging in certain behaviors such as frequently consuming alcohol, cigarettes or even using gadgets excessively? Do you often resort to the above as a means of coping? Learn more about why the urge stems and ways to control this urge in a healthy way.
  • Constantly feeling worried? Is this state of 'worry' making you feel anxious? Learn how to get away from being worried all the time and truly unwinding with a mind that is free of stress and anxiety.
  • We have our routine set for most parts of our day. A question that then arises is, can bed-time also have a routine? Well, certainly yes! Unwinding and unplugging to achieve a good night's sleep does require certain things in place. Learn more about the cycle of sleep and ways to modify your irregular sleep schedule!
  • Feeling low and don't know why? A state of confusion, thoughts rushing or no thoughts is natural when we feel low, sad, and depressed. Self-soothing is pivotal in climbing up the ladder. Learn ways to acknowledge your emotions and uplift your mood today!